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summit success Apr 18, 2022

We've got a brand new program that'll give you access to the entire Summit in a Box® System, along with high-touch support on a level we’ve never offered before.

I have an exciting announcement!

We’ve had our Summit in a Box® program for two years now and have helped about 500 summit hosts plan and launch incredible virtual summits. Even though I still believe Summit in a Box is one of the very best courses out there, I’ve been really craving a way to be able to offer coaching, critiques, feedback, and support that we just can’t feasibly offer in the course format.

What's coming next

About a year ago, I started feeling like I needed a “next step” for people and started planning what was going to be called Beyond the Box. I hired a copywriter, learning design expert, and customer journey expert and invested over $10,000 into something that in the end just didn’t feel good. Honestly, it felt forced. I didn’t want to have some $10,000 offer just because I felt like I was supposed to have a “next step”. I could feel in my soul that this wasn’t going to be it. So the idea of a higher-touch support offer sat on the shelf for a while...

Then a couple of months ago, it clicked. I suddenly knew exactly what we needed to create in order to support summit hosts the way I want to help them reach incredible 5 and even 6 figure virtual summits that then lead to their biggest course or membership launch yet.

Summit In A Box® Accelerator

So I’m excited to announce today that my team and I have been hard at work preparing to open up the doors to the Summit in a Box® Accelerator very soon. This brand new program will give you access to the entire Summit in a Box System, along with high-touch support on a level we’ve never offered before. 

It’s exclusively for business owners who already have a course launch or two under their belt, so you can host a profitable summit, then use that momentum for even more profits with a course or membership launch on the back end. 

This is going to be our opportunity to support you at every step of the way as you host a summit that:

  • Blows industry standards out of the water.
  • Uses feel-good, engagement-based strategies to create an amazing experience for everyone involved.
  • Seamlessly leads into your biggest course launch yet.
  • Sets you up for additional post-summit profits on the back end.

Like I said before, this is a high-touch group program offering support and coaching on a level we’ve never offered before. 

Check out all the details and apply to join us

Join The Private Training

 I’m also hosting a private training next week on Tuesday, April 26 for people who are interested in hosting a summit with 3x industry-standard conversion rates using engagement-based strategies that seamlessly transitions into a feel-good course launch.

In just the past few months we’ve helped our clients:

  • Host a $25k summit on building a photography business
  • Host a $68k summit about Yellowstone vacations
  • Host a $21k summit for small church organizers
  • Host a $75k summit for design business owners
  • Host a $12k summit on growing an Instagram following
  • Host a $66k summit for eCommerce resellers
  • Host a $245k summit about Cricut crafting

I am so obsessed with helping our clients see that kind of huge success. 

At the private training, we’ll go over exactly what you need to do to make it happen.

During the free private training for accepted applicants only, I’ll share the 3 part framework for replacing your slow-growth marketing with a virtual summit that leads into your biggest course launch yet and sets you up for even more post-summit profits in the months that follow.

If you've attended one of my workshops or trainings in the past, this is totally different, with brand new in-depth material I've never taught publicly before.

I’ll also be answering all the questions about the Accelerator during the training, so you’ll have a chance to decide for certain whether or not it’s right for you before making a final decision.

You’ll need to fill out the application to attend.

If you’re just interested in the training, there’s no obligation to join, so it doesn’t hurt to apply. You’ll get to attend the training for free and learn our framework for replacing slow-growth marketing with a virtual summit that leads to your biggest course launch yet, even if you don’t think the Accelerator will be for you.

I hope to see you there and I can’t wait to support some of you in the Summit in a Box® Accelerator!


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