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Stop dreaming about growing your visibility, income, client schedule, and digital product sales. Start taking action to plan, strategize, and launch your profitable virtual summit during this 5-day challenge!

APRIL 26-30

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A virtual summit is the fastest way to increase your visibility, income, and impact.

There are 2 crucial steps that need to happen before you can move forward with a virtual summit and experience these results for yourself:

1. Set the date and create
an action plan.

2. Choose a profitable
summit topic

These sound like simple steps, but they play a major role in the success of your summit. (Choosing the right topic for your summit can be the difference between making a couple hundred dollars versus tens of thousands!) They’re also the two areas where most potential summit hosts get stuck and drag their feet.

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During this 5 day challenge, you’ll learn exactly where to focus to start planning your first virtual summit, and follow a step-by-step process to choose a profitable topic that your audience won’t be able to resist! 

You’ll also start to understand exactly what goes into hosting an online summit, so you can set your summit date and work backwards to plan, strategize, and launch your first profitable event with ease.

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You are the perfect person to teach others how to host summits. You truly created a one-of-a-kind experience for us all that needs to be an industry standard for summits!

- Ashley Gartland

Meet Your Host

Hey! I’m Krista!

Before hosting a virtual summit, I started with a service-based business that I still run and love. But here’s the thing, running a service-based business that depends on hustling hard with client work is exhausting. It eventually started to wear me out, and I dreamed of new opportunities that would bring in new leads and extra income. That’s where the idea for my first summit came in.

 A few months later, I had a dreamy speaker lineup, 1500 excited summit attendees, a bunch of new client leads that left my service booked out, and nearly $16k in sales from my very first summit. Since then I’ve hosted 5 more summits, and each has been more successful - the most recent bringing in $92k. 

And now I want to help you create results like this in your business!

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The Start Your Summit That Sells Challenge will set you on the path toward summit success so you can experience all the visibility, income, and impact a virtual summit can create for your business.

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I successfully organized and launched my very first virtual summit within 90 days with zero experience thanks to the Summit In A Box resources. I've now hosted three summits, and my most recent one grossed over $34,000. Krista's resources were an integral part of keeping me organized and making this summit a huge success!

- Eden Fried, Rebel Boss Summit Host

Start your summit that sells today!