For course creators, membership site owners, and group program coaches who need a high-volume of leads to hit big sales goals.

Learn how virtual summits can become your most effective lead generation strategy, cash injection method, and lead to a long-term, reliable increase in sales of your signature offer. Even if you feel like you’ve burned out your email list.

Cha-ching! 🤑 Envision even more of those daily PayPal and Stripe notifications PLUS peace of mind knowing that they’re going to keep coming.

The truth is, you’ve MADE it. Leads are coming in, sales are flowing, and your business is thriving.

You can celebrate that you’ve made it…but you also need a strategy to KEEP making it.

Successful business owners often find momentum comes to a screeching halt when…

A once reliable lead generation strategy has an algorithm change and that success comes crashing down. (When list growth slows, you sell to the same people over and over and start to worry that you’re burning them out.)

You’ve been hustling with every quick list-growth strategy and social media platform out there but the growth hasn’t exactly been quick. (At some point, you lose track of what’s actually working, and know that it won’t be sustainable for much longer.)

You end up TIRED trying to force their business back to the days of consistent list growth and sales. (At that point, you need to bring energy back into your business and start to feel excited again!)

We want to make sure that none of these things happen to you and that you not only continue with the success you’ve found, but grow it.


Summit in a Box Accelerator

In the Summit to Sales Training series, you’ll get instant access to 10 bite-sized trainings, available in video, audio, and written format, that will show you:


Why virtual summits are the most powerful strategy out there for attracting a flood of leads and keeping them coming in, so you can hit bigger sales numbers with every launch.


The secrets to hosting a summit the right way so it generates leads AND profit. (Because hosting a summit is too big of a project to simply break even.)


How to host a summit that’s infused with your values, creates an incredible experience for your new leads right off the bat, and gets them ready for your signature offer as the obvious next step.


How to become known for running some of the best online events around and use your summit and the connections it brings to establish yourself as a top name in your industry.


Krista lays out the entire strategy so you're not left questioning what happens in certain parts and why it happens that way. It's created to really maximize the conversion rate and I definitely saw that. I got a 20x return on investment and my email list doubled. Some of the best money I've ever spent. 
- Heidi Thompson, Book More Weddings Summit Host

I recently concluded my summit and couldn't have achieved what I did without Summit in a Box and Krista’s support. People are still buzzing at how amazing and innovative the event was. My mailing list exploded and my reach is now far beyond anything I ever imagined. I'm looking forward to my next summit! 
- Jamila Bannister, The Brand Print Summit

Generate The High-Volume Of Leads Your Business Needs With A High-Value Virtual Summit.

Business is thriving now, and keeping that up means continuing to generate the high-volume of leads needed to keep the sales coming in.

There’s no strategy out there more effective at generating and warming up new leads with an incredible experience that shows them what they’re going to learn and receive from you moving forward.

With one virtual summit, you’ll add a whole new level of buzz to your email list with hundreds (or even thousands) of perfect-fit leads, warm them up quickly, re-engage your existing audience, turn a profit through the summit itself, and set yourself up for a massive signature offer launch - and that’s truly just the beginning.

From there, those new leads keep turning into sales, your new speaker connections turn into even more opportunities, and the foundations are laid for you to do it again with bigger and better results each time.

But first…you have to get started…

Learn exactly what goes into hosting a virtual summit, and decide once and for all if it’s the right next step for you with...

A free training series for course, creators, membership site owners, and group program coaches who need a high-volume of leads to hit big sales goals.

Open your eyes to the power of a values-infused virtual summit and how to plan yours the right way to attract a flood of leads, hit your sales goals, connect with industry experts in a mutually beneficial fashion, and fuel your business for the year to come.

You’ll get instant access to the full training series via video lessons, a private podcast feed, and written content along with a workbook, so you can absorb the information in the best format for you.

Each training is between 5-10 minutes in length and ends with a quick and easy challenge to keep you moving forward. You’ll even get a little feedback from our team and have the chance to win a monthly 1:1 coaching call giveaway!

Here's what you'll take away:

An understanding of the true power of virtual summits and how to leverage them to generate a high volume of leads to hit your sales goals.

You’ll work through the most common hesitations already-successful business owners have when they consider hosting a virtual summit of their own.

You’ll set goals around numbers and dive into deeper goals like how you’ll impact your audience, connect with speakers, and expand your body of work.

You’ll have a plan for showcasing your values through your event so it feels like YOU and your audience can be impacted by the things you care about most.

You’ll strategically select your summit’s target audience and profitable topic and learn how to do it in a way that makes your signature offer a natural next step.

You’ll learn how to tie your signature offer into your summit so that people are begging you to open the doors by the time your summit ends.

You’ll set a realistic start date for your event and create a step-by-step plan for making it happen.

By the end, you’ll have started down the path of hosting a virtual summit that aligns with your values, keeps the daily sale notifications coming, and adds a consistent, repeatable lead and generation strategy into your business.

I successfully organized and launched my very first virtual summit within 90 days with zero summit experience thanks to the Summit In A Box resources. I've now hosted three summits, and my most recent one grossed over $34,000. Krista's resources were an integral part of keeping me organized and making this summit a huge success!
- Eden Fried, Rebel Boss Summit Host

When I first got the idea to host a summit, I had no idea where to start. Using the Summit in a Box resources, I doubled my email list and made 150 all-access pass sales, giving me a 16% conversion rate! My second summit brought in 5,000 attendees and over $34,000. I'm officially hooked on summits!
- Hannah Murphy, The Supported Photographer Summit Host

Learn why virtual summits are quickly becoming the go-to strategy for course creators, membership site owners, and group program coaches who need a high-volume of leads to continue hitting big sales goals.