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Ready to get on track to 3x your revenue and email list, like… NOW?

You don’t have to stay stuck with the slow-growth strategies you’ve been using. Scaling your business doesn’t have to take years of consistent webinars, social media engagement, email newsletters, and content creation to get to where you want to be.

If you’re successfully selling a product, membership, or service and are ready for more leads, sales, industry connections, and expert-status, then it’s time for you to host a virtual summit.

The good news is that it doesn’t have to be complicated.

At Summit in a Box®, we’ll take the “what’s next?” out of hosting a virtual summit, kick your self-doubt to the curb, and make your first profitable, community-building summit EASY.

Dive in and create your Virtual Summit Timeline

It’s tempting to dive right in and get to work, but nothing good will come from starting a project of this size without a plan.

Grab the free Virtual Summit Timeline to get my top timeline tips, plus a calculator to plug in your desired summit start date and have due dates of the bigger-picture tasks calculated for you.

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If you are...

Successfully selling a product, membership, or service

Making the money you need each month (but want more)

Ready to ditch the slow-growth (or no-growth) strategies that are leaving you stuck

Then, it’s time to host a virtual summit that will

3x your normal monthly revenue (even if you have a tiny or non-existent list)

2x (or more) your email list

Book out your services / boost your product sales

And you can do it all without having to wonder where to start or what to do next.

Hey, I’m Krista!

Before my first summit, I was happily running a web development business making what I needed each month. But after 3 years of hustling and not seeing the results I wanted from the leading marketing strategies, I was ready for more.

I launched my first summit in 2018. I had small goals, since I had less than 500 people on my email list and I was unsure of what the reception would be, but I’m so glad I faced my fears and dove in.

With that first summit, I tripled the size of my email list, brought in $16k (~4x what I usually made in a month), and booked out my services for 6 months. And I was hooked.

Since that first summit, I’ve perfected my strategies, tested what does and doesn’t work, and landed on my proven 3-Part Profitable Summit System. My most recent summit using this system, brought in $92k and my students are seeing incredible 5-figure launches as well.

Now it's your turn

I was planning a summit on a really tight deadline. I needed a resource to speed up the building of the summit and make sure I was doing it the right way. Summit in a Box® broke that giant project into specific pieces that I could implement, along with templates to make it more efficient. This is my one-stop-shop for all things summit. Before my summit, I had no audience and went from 0 to 500 leads with a 10% conversion rate. And I've kept 90% of those people on my email list!

- Desola Davis, Sales to Scale Summit Host

“Summit in a Box® lays out the entire strategy so you're not left questioning what happens in certain parts and why it happens that way. It's created to really maximize the conversion rate and I definitely saw that. I got a 65x return on investment and my email list doubled. Some of the best money I've ever spent.”

- Heidi Thompson, Book More Weddings Summit Host

Here at Summit in a Box®,
we do things a little differently:

Yes, we want you to get incredible results, but we also focus on benefiting your speakers and transforming the lives and businesses of your attendees.

We’re all about diverse and inclusive events that open doors, rather than close them.

We reach higher than industry standard 3-5% conversion rates and consistently hit 15%+.

Learn about how we do this with our 3-Part Profitable Summit System in our free masterclass.

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