How to Work With a Virtual Summit Producer with Nicole Ware

Looking to host a profitable virtual summit without managing it all yourself? Let’s cover the details of working with a virtual summit producer.

Looking to host a profitable virtual summit without managing it all yourself? Working with a summit producer is a great option!

I brought in summit production expert, Nicole Ware, to give a behind the scenes look at outsourcing your virtual summit production.

We talked about what you need before you can hire a summit producer, what the process looks like, and what it will leave you to be responsible for.

Qualifications for working with a summit producer

Many people think that you need to have a certain email list size or be an influencer to work with a summit producer. 

That's not the case!

However, you do need to have some kind of online presence, whether that is a website, email address, Instagram, or Facebook. You should also have an idea of what a summit is and what it is not.

Finding the right summit producer for you

With a project as big as a summit, it's important to find the right person for the job.

When vetting summit producers, set up a phone (or video) call, not an email, with the producer. You need to see if you vibe! 

You'll work closely with this person for several months so it's important to feel confident in the fit. 

On this call, tell them what you'd expect of them and ask what they'd expect of you.

What it's like to work with a summit producer

You'll find that there are summit producers who work in a variety of ways, but let's walk through what Nicole's process looks like.

How summit producers manage the team

Summit producers manage the team, but you, as the client, are working with the team. 

That means, when you run into something you need, you'll go directly to the team member. There's no need to go through the summit producer. In fact, doing so decreases the efficiency of the project.

You have responsibilities too

Keep in mind that even if you're working with a summit producer, they won't be able to do absolutely everything for you.

Generally, you should expect to:

  • pitch the speakers to leverage your personal connection
  • interview the speakers
  • take care of any live videos
  • manage anything else that's front-facing

Summit producers can guide and give advice on how to do an interview or presentation, but you are responsible for carrying it out.

Part of why it's so important for you to be the one pitching speakers and interacting with them as much as possible is because when they care about you as the host, they'll work harder to ensure the summit succeeds. Yes, you *have* to pay your virtual summit speakers!

If you don't take the time to talk to them and create that bond, it's an issue.

Summit Producers have all the plans

You'll find that an experience summit producer will bring a project plan, with assigned tasks and due dates.

Assignments and due dates are applied to the team and the host. Everyone can see what they are all responsible for and when it's needed by.

From there, the summit producer's job is to keep the wheels on track.

It's time for the live event!

During your summit, the producer's job is to be around for tech issues and to ensure everything is running smoothly.

As far as other larger responsibilities go during the event:

  • It's the community manager's job to deal with the Facebook group, speaker Facebook group, and inbox
  • It's your job to be front-facing and building hype. You may also be responsible for any affiliate or customer-service questions that the community manager can't answer.

Final thoughts on working with a summit producer

The most difficult part of working with a summit producer is being able to let go a little bit. 

For someone who has built their business on their own and is now extending that business with a virtual summit, letting go can produce some anxiety. Things may not be done exactly like you would have done them. And that's okay!

If you can't give and take, a summit producer might not be for you.

Using a summit producer will reduce stress and you'll have someone to collaborate with. As partners, you can devote your thinking to your interviews or your session or how your website will look, while someone else is working on the email sequences, website pages, and tech behind the scenes.

Your summit producer is like a project manager, supporting you in your efforts of running a summit.

About Nicole

Nicole helps female founders, podcasters, and course creators double their email lists and access 5 (and 6!) figure launches by creating sizzling virtual summits. With her team, she helps create and execute Oprah-level summits from A-Z.

When not helping women create their 5 figure Summits, you can find Nicole sitting VIP at a Backstreet Boys concert or eating lunch in a big rig truck with her fiance.

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Looking to host a profitable virtual summit without managing it all yourself? Let’s cover the details of working with a virtual summit producer.Looking to host a profitable virtual summit without managing it all yourself? Let’s cover the details of working with a virtual summit producer.

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