Introducing Sell With A Summit: Course Creator Edition!

behind the scenes Aug 27, 2020

Are you a course creator who likes the sound of hitting your biggest course launch ever with a virtual summit in 90 days?

If so, I've got a fun announcement for you today. It's finally time for Summit in a Box to host a summit all about summits, and this one is just for course creators!

If you're IN and don't need any more info, head on over here to grab your free ticket!

The backstory

When I started Summit in a Box back in 2018, I launched and made my first sales from social media alone. I had an Instagram account for my other business with probably 1200 followers or something like that. I told them that I was starting something new, directed them to the new account, and that was my launch.

Since then, I’ve grown this business with:

  • A whole lotta Facebook ads
  • Instagram
  • Being a guest on summits and podcasts
  • Word of mouth
  • And a 5-day challenge

But...doesn’t it feel like something is missing? Shouldn’t a business based around the power of virtual a virtual summit?

It’s been feeling pretty weird to NOT have hosted a summit for Summit in a Box and I’m so excited to announce that it is time!

I’m going to tell you about that in just a minute, but first, I want to give you a behind the scenes look at why it took so darn long. (Head over here to grab your ticket if backstories aren't your thing.)

Why it took me so long to host a virtual summit

One of the biggest summit tips I preach is that you need to have a specific audience if you want to host a summit without being an influencer. That was easy for me to say before when I’d been hosting summits for a business that specifically targeted designers.

It was harder to say as someone running a business for all online business owners.

I got a really good look at just how difficult the niching down step is for those of you with broader audiences. And it was truly the reason that led me to put off a summit for so long.

I knew I couldn’t host a successful summit for business owners who wanted to host a summit. If I had a bigger audience and was more well known? Definitely possible. But for  little ol' me? Nope.

Because of that, I was stuck. I was really intimidated by the idea of niching down and didn’t know who to niche down to.

I also don’t have as many connections as I did in my previous business for the different options I had for niching down, so the thought of trying to figure out speakers was intimidating to me as well.

(By the way, I hope this is making you feel better about any mindset blocks you’ve come across hosting your own summit!)

Then my friend Jenn, from Virtual Summit Search, came to me asking if I wanted to collaborate on one. And it was a heck yes! 

I’ve never been a fan of the idea of collaborating on a summit because I like to do things my way, but I knew that Jenn would be the perfect partner. It helped me feel better knowing I’d have someone else to help with figuring out the audience issue, and reach out to speakers - I knew Jenn had some great connections.

And here we are. I’m finally here to tell you that Sell With a Summit: Course Creator Edition is open for enrollment.

About Sell With a Summit: Course Creator Edition

This summit was created specifically for experienced course creators interested in reaching their biggest course launch ever with a virtual summit in 90 days.

We’re going to take you through the process from:

  • summit basics,
  • to landing your speakers,
  • to connecting your summit to your course, and
  • totally nailing a successful course launch.

This isn’t a summit with a bunch of disjointed sessions. Each one was chosen strategically to make sure you had the strategy you needed for as much of the process as humanly possible when it comes to something as complex as a summit and course launch.

We’ve got an incredible diverse group of experts talking about things like:

  • naming your summit
  • creating the perfect summit theme to convert attendees to buyers
  • actually launching your course post-summit
  • and sooo much more!

Sell With a Summit: Course Creator Edition will run from Monday, September 14 - Friday, September 18, 2020. (If you’re seeing this after the fact, don’t worry, we’ll still have some cool stuff on the site for you.)

The first four days are when these awesome presentations will be going down. We’ll have fun live experiences mixed in as well like co-working sessions, ask me anything sessions with our speakers for those of you who jump on our incredible upgrade options, and more.

We’ll even have BINGO, prizes, and the chance to win a free spot in my signature Summit in a Box program.

Friday is going to be all about implementation. We’ll take what you learn Monday-Thursday and spend Friday in networking sessions, co-working sessions, implementation sessions, and we’ll end it all with a live masterclass from yours truly.

It will be just what you need to really believe a profitable summit is something you can pull off and we’ll be opening the doors to Summit in a Box for a limited time.

So now, it’s time to go get your free ticket. If you’re a course creator who likes the sound of hitting your biggest launch yet with the help of a virtual summit, head to right now and get your free ticket.

It is going to be blast and Jenn and I can’t wait to see you there!



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