Overcoming Self-doubt and Planning Your Summit With Kaitlyn Kessler

confidence guest expert Oct 31, 2019


Self-doubt isn’t helpful in summit planning, but it’s bound to come up. Here’s how to overcome self-doubt and increase your confidence, starting today!

If self-doubt has you stuck when it comes to planning your online summit, you'll love this interview with Kaitlyn Kessler.

In it we talk about how confidence leads to clarity and super actionable steps you can take to increase your confidence, starting today!

I'll let Kaitlyn take it from here.

How Kaitlyn Helps Clients Overcome Self-Doubt 

If you have heard of me, you probably know me as a designer, but I've recently started up a new sort of branch of my business in my life. I am a business mindset coach. I want to focus on helping business owners who feel like something isn't quite right.

They've seen some success. They've had the clients, they've made some money and from the outside looking in, it's probably like, "Wow, that's amazing. They're amazing." But the people I work with, they know that something's a little bit off and they're really struggling to identify what that is and let alone go through any sort of work to process it and to heal it and to make the changes that they want.

My goal is to help them in a few ways:

  • to understand and get more into alignment with who they are and what they truly want.
  • to show up, make decisions, and take action confidently.
  • to allow things to be a little bit more fun, easy, and effortless in business.

It ends up showing up as a surface-level solution. They get the clients or they get the money or the consistency or the clarity or whatever. But really the transformation is so much deeper than that. 

The Importance of Confidence and Its Impact

I've been thinking about sort of my journey in the last year. I decided to start my own podcast. I just wasn't sure of what I wanted the podcast to be, just that I thought I would like it, that I thought I would be good at it. 

I couldn't figure out what to do and how to get started with it, but my mentor at the time shared a storytelling format she thought would work for me. So I took that idea, and a few ideas in my mind about pillars of my business, platforms that I wanted to stand on, and when I started to brainstorm her storytelling stuff with my pillars, I realized, "My whole business fits these pillars."

I hadn't realized that that's why those were my pillars, from my experience. I just thought they were unrelated thoughts.

I started looking at people that I admired, people that I wanted to emulate and I was trying to figure out what they all had in common and what I could model from them. And what it boiled down to is that they were confident, they were showing up, they were doing things, they were putting themselves out there.

They were leaping before they looked. They were just sharing their message so unapologetically and just being who they are and being what they believed in and just acting it out so well. 

From there, I never looked back. I just went for it. 

How Confidence Can Bring Clarity

I think it applies to basically any big decision that you're kind of making. And it's building off of what we were saying. If you have the confidence to take that action, it'll immediately show you more clarity.

I think it's really easy to stay in our heads and try to figure things out and think of all the possible scenarios and all the things that could happen or bad things that might happen and all that. But nothing happens at all until you do something.

In my experience, I immediately gained so much clarity on who I was attracting and what they wanted from me and what type of people they were, and how I could better serve them.

You won't get that kind of feedback unless you put something out there. 

For example, let's say you do a summit and maybe it's a little bit rocky at first. Take that information, take that as data, put on your scientist hat and figure out was it the phrasing of the title of the summit, was it where you were marketing it? Do that kind of investigative work and the next one will be even better and the next will be even better and the next one even better, you know?

How to Overcome Self Doubt and Feel More Confident

In my experience and in my knowledge, everything starts with your mindset. You're always going to be your biggest critic. You speak meaner to yourself, you judge yourself harder than anybody else ever will. Recognizing that nobody else is thinking that negatively about you, nobody else's judging you that hard.

That's literally the perception. I know in our online space there's a lot of talk about the community over competition. People are actually so much more supportive than you think they are going to be.

Reframe your thoughts. Start to acknowledge that that's not the reality. That's just what's going on in your head. A way to kind of revamp that is to just acknowledge how cool it is that you're deciding to do the summit.

Developing Your Own Anchors Into Confidence

The best way for your subconscious mind to really latch onto it is if it's an authentic experience. 

You could do it right now. The idea of Christmas morning and you're a kid and you don't even have to, this doesn't have to be your Christmas morning at all. But you can imagine this from movies and life, you're a kid and you wake up really early and you're a little bit groggy and it's dark out and then you remember it's Christmas morning and you go down the stairs and you run into your parent's room and they're still sleeping. You're like, Mom, Dad, wake up. It's Christmas. We got to go open the presents."

You can channel that excitement even if that's not something you've ever experienced. And so in that moment, your knuckles are a popular place to do it, so in the height of that excitement, you would hold down and press on your knuckle for maybe 10 seconds when you're really in that state of excitement. And then as it starts to dissipate, you would just release it and let go, but then that excitement's there and you can build it and build it and build it.

Maybe you find, what I was saying earlier about the roller coasters, maybe you find roller coasters really exciting and that makes you feel jazzed and you want to do stuff. Next time you're on a roller coaster right at that first like click, click, click, click, press on your knuckle. 

Kaitlyn's Biggest Takeaway

Pay attention to your thoughts and acknowledging just how in control you actually are of your thoughts and of your perceptions of things and how many options and opportunities really do exist for you.

About Kaitlyn

Kaitlyn Kessler is a mindset coach for business owners who have reached a level of success many aspire to… but something still doesn’t feel quite right. Through her approach of finding alignment, cultivating confidence, and making it effortless Kaitlyn aids with the tangible results like more clients, cash, or clarity; but more importantly facilitates a deeper transformation that allows her clients to easily step into their true power and become the impactful, influential CEOs they’re meant to be.

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