040: Summit Promotion Q&A

summit promotion Dec 24, 2019

For the last episode in our series on promoting your summit, we'll do a fun Q&A session!

We'll talk about when to start promoting your summit, what promo resources to provide speakers, unique ways to promote, and when to expect the most signups to come in.


Hey, hey, welcome to the Summit Host Hangout podcast where you'll learn how to plan, strategize, and launch your profitable online summit, no influencer status necessary. I'm your host, Krista from Summit In A Box, and today we're wrapping up our series about promoting your online summit.

Today, in episode 40 we're doing something a little different and taking a Q and A style format. I took questions in the Summit Host Hangout Facebook group, and I'm going to answer them here for you in this episode. We'll cover a few questions like how long before your summit to start promoting, when to expect them all signups, what kinds of resources to give your speakers and ways to promote the summit without, you know, straight promoting the entire event.

Before we dive in, I want to make sure you don't miss any of my most powerful tips for hosting a profitable online summit. These tips will make all of the promotion you do have a bigger and more powerful impact. So I've put together a PDF with my 12 best summit hosting tips and you can get it today summithosthangout.com/secrets.

How Long Before the Summit Should You Start Promoting

Let's dive right in to that first question I was asked which is how long before the summit should you start promoting? I love that this question was asked because I feel like it's something that you know is so simple once you already know that it's something I haven't even thought to talk about. The answer is I recommend promoting your summit for about two and a half to three weeks and that is your promotion - two and a half to three weeks. I recommend your speakers and affiliates promoting for two weeks. I say that and why I think there should be a difference there is because that first initial promo period where it's just you promoting does two things for you.

First, it gives you the chance to test your tech and your conversion rates. So you know if anything needs to be fixed or tweaked before all these other people start sending a whole bunch of traffic your way, you can. You know, tweak your sales page. If the conversion rates aren't great, you can, you know, fix anything. Maybe that goes wrong with your email, the segmenting, all kinds of things that you can use this period for. It's also a really good chance to convert your own audience without those affiliate fees. So odds are if you've selected your speakers correctly, your audiences will overlap at least a little bit. So this is your chance to get your emails out to them first. Convert your audience first without your affiliates, you know, basically beating you to the punch. So that's another great reason to give yourself at least a few days to promote before everyone else does.

I have seen people promoting Summit's a lot longer than this, you know, up to a month or, or even more, I guess I've seen, in my opinion, this is just way too long. People who sign up in the beginning, they're not even going to remember that they were excited about this in a month when your summit rolls around, even if you were doing a good job of sending them emails. They're just going to be burned out by the time it gets there. You'll also see, you know, on a question I talk about later, there are a few periods during the promotion cycle where you're going to get better results. You're going to get a higher number of signups every single day and as you'll see, a longer promotion period doesn't really help you with that very much. Longer than a week definitely. But you also don't need to promote for months at a time.

Swipe Copy for Affiliates and Promotions Schedule

The next question was what kind of swipe copy do you provide your affiliates and what promotions schedule do you recommend? Again, I love this question. This is something we talked a little bit about a couple episodes back, but we'll break it down here as well. Previously I provided my speakers with four email templates and a PS option. So they were three like straight pitch emails about the summit and one email saying, Hey, my presentation is today, here's the link to join. My affiliates then got that same copy minus, you know that email about their presentations and so I didn't have one. However, in future summits like I talked about with Ellie Runkles in episode 34 I will be adding a few other templates in with value add content that would fit different types of audiences and my speakers specifically because adding some value add emails in there, will let them do more promotion more naturally without annoying their audience or feeling like they're pitching too much.

Also like we talked about a couple episodes back when we went over the three pieces of promoting an online summit model, the emails you create for your speakers and affiliates after the emails you plan to send for your own list and this copy you provide is just going to be Google Docs with fill in the blank sections and then also remind them to replace any links with their affiliate links so they don't forget to do that and miss out on all the affiliate income they should have coming in on top of that swipe copy. I also give them graphics to share on all kinds of social media platforms. I give them square graphics that they can use for Instagram and Facebook. I do Instagram story size graphics, and then Twitter graphic and that covers all I have ever needed.

Then along with those two things, the swipe copy and the graphics, I also give them a sharing schedule. I suggest exact dates for them to send their different emails and I give them a little date range so people in several audiences aren't getting hit with the same exact email like three times a day. But I'm giving them that guidance. What they can do is take that schedule, take the swipe copy, I sent them, hand it off to a VA, and let their assistant do all of the scheduling so they don't have to worry about it. That's really going to increase the chances of them putting a little more effort into sharing because basically they're not having to put in that effort someone else is, and you're making it easy for them to do that, so the more you can provide your speakers and affiliates in, the more clear you can make it the better.

If you're using an affiliate platform, that's a little confusing record. A quick really, really quick video for them, showing them how to do that. Where do they go to get their link? Where do they get the emails and swipe copy. Make it really clear. The reason I'm even bringing this up is because this morning I logged into, I'm an affiliate platform I've never been in before and had to spend a little time looking around trying to figure out, okay, this person's said their emails are in there. Where are those supposed to be? They said there's graphics in here. I don't see those either. Make sure your speakers and affiliates don't run into that kind of problem.

How to Build Excitement About Your Summit

The next question was how to build excitement about your summit without just straight promoting it, and I love this question because with a three week promotion period it's going to get old for both you and your audience to just get hit with straight promotion about your summit over and over again. So hard promotion constantly is not the way to go. A variety of promotion methods is going to get you further and make it less likely that you'll turn away out against members who aren't really interested or you know need more exposure or reason before they go ahead and sign up away.

I really like to do this by giving behind the scenes looks as I'm preparing the summit and I do this even before I opened promotion. If I'm, you know, working on something fun that I think people will get a kick out of seeing. I'll share that on my Instagram stories. I have got something awesome coming. Here's what I'm working on right now. They loved that. Then especially do that during your promotion period because it's letting you mention your summit, bring it to their attention again, without promoting, be like, Oh my gosh, I just got this incredible video from a speaker. Here's a little snippet of an awesome part of it. That's a way to really build excitement without promoting. You don't even have to have a straight call to action afterwards. They know they'll go to the link in your bio, you've been talking about it, and giving behind the scenes look is a great way to encourage them to go ahead and sign up if they haven't yet.

Then also you want to include value add that ties into your summit. The summit I run for my other business is basically about simplifying the design business and making it more profitable. During the promotion period I'm doing all kinds of free content about doing that. I know that if someone is watching this video or reading this email or this blog posts, they're also going to be interested in my summit. So f I can catch their attention with this, all I have to do is mention my summit in the middle, you know, at the end of this and get them to go register. That gives them value. You're giving them something before you're asking them to sign up for this thing and it's free. Really they just should anyway.

I also want to mention one more way you can do this and build excitement without promoting the entire summit is have your speakers write guest newsletters for you to send to your list or take over your top social media profile with a live video or a really valuable post that ties in with their presentation topic. Again, they're delivering a ton of value to their audience, to your audience, catching their attention or something they want to learn more about.

You can really naturally say, Hey, if you want to learn more about this and want more free content, just sign up for this incredible summit. Here's the link to it, and that makes you able to promote more without having to do straight pitches the entire time, which is really nice.

When to Expect the Most Sign Ups

The last question I want to touch on is when throughout the promotion period you should expect to see the most sign ups. She gave examples, you know, should we see that more signups on the first day of promotion, first day of the summit and what does that look like. All I can speak on is my experience. But to give you the most basic answer to start with, you are going to see the most signups on the first day of your promotion, the first day of your speakers' promotion, and then the last couple of days of promotion, that's when you're going to see the big spikes in registrations.

You might have also heard me talk about for my previous summit that I ran in 2019 I actually also sent all the speakers an email and posted in the Facebook group really candidly encouraging them to share because I had noticed that a lot of them weren't sharing yet. I just sent an email, Hey people aren't sharing, this isn't going to work if you guys don't pitch in, please do. Here's a link to swipe copy I recommend sending out today. Actually the day after that we had more signups than even on day one of the summit. If you can do something like that, that's going to be another place you get a spike. But in general, the beginning and the end are where we're going to see the most signups. In the middle it's going to be pretty quiet in general. That's why I said earlier, extending a promotion period for you know, four weeks or more isn't gonna do you any good cause you'll just have an extended quiet time to make you worry about whether or not this thing is going to even work.

But I do also want to mention that you can, using your email promotion and social media promotion strategy, get yourself more spikes in there. Remember I said give your speakers and affiliates a schedule on promotion every day you have, you know in your schedule that they should send an email. You're going to see spikes in your signups that day because more speakers and affiliates are likely to promote on days you tell them to. You can naturally make yourself more spikes in your registration and signups and you just have to give them the encouragement to do that.

I hope this episode helps clear up some of the extra questions you had about summit promotion. If you liked this style of episode, definitely let me know. We can do some more if you like it. I thought it was a nice way to talk about some things that weren't quite long enough or big enough for their own episode, but they were still important things to talk about.

Thank you so much for tuning in. In the next episode we will be starting a new series and chatting about whether or not summits are on their way out. This is something I see brought up quite a bit, so be sure to tune in for that if you want to find out if a summit is still something worth doing.

In this episode we touched on a couple of summit hosting secrets that you don't hear much about, and of course I have more. In fact, I've put together a PDF with my 12 best summit hosting tips, and you can get that today at summithosthangout.com/secrets.

For now, go out and take action to plan, strategize, and launch your profitable online summit.




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