How Virtual Summits are Actually Full Funnels in Disguise with Dama Jue

Many summit hosts only think as far as the list growth and all-access pass revenue summits bring. But virtual summits are actually full funnels in disguise.

Want to get hundreds or thousands of leads for your offer without spending a ton on ads or waiting years for organic traffic? A summit is an incredible option.

It's common to decide to host a virtual summit and only think as far as the immediate list growth and all-access pass revenue. But what a lot of hosts miss is the opportunity to treat their summit as a full funnel.

To help, Dama Jue is here to share how virtual summits are full funnels in disguise.

By the end of this post, you'll...

  • Understand what we mean by that.
  • Know what it means to position your summit correctly to act as a full funnel.
  • Have the #1 key to doing it all effectively.

I’ll let Dama take it from here!

Virtual Summits as a Full Funnel

Someone once asked me, “Where does the virtual summit even fit into your funnel?” My answer was: it is your funnel!  

The simplest explanation of a funnel is a website where there’s a singular goal; to buy an offer or sign up for something.

Virtual Summit vs. Website Funnels

Think of a funnel like an open house. There's food, music, and it’s welcoming and inviting. You either come in through the door to find out what’s inside or you don’t go in at all.

On the other hand, a regular website has a million options. There are pages about the company, their services, a blog page, and more.

While you build a website to give people options, you build a funnel to direct them to do one thing and you’re going to do everything you can to convince them to walk through that door.

A virtual summit is like that. At first, you convince them to sign up for the summit. You tell them about the transformation you can offer and how all the speakers are there to solve their problem. You just want them to join. Maybe they pick up an all-access pass as well, but the singular goal, in the beginning, is to get them into the summit.

Effectiveness of a Virtual Summit as a Funnel

While a summit can make money right away, focus on the next step on your value ladder and how the attendees can work with you after the summit.

A summit should be part of your value ladder to get people introduced to you and your company. It's more powerful than a freebie that someone will grab and then unsubscribe from. Instead, a summit quickly shows you as the authority, displays your values, and builds the know-like-trust factor. 

The Key to a Summit That Works

If you want your summit to work, look at your overall strategy and how you’re going to tailor it to meet your goals. A summit can be one of many things but it’s only going to serve you and feel successful if it meets the goals and objectives that you hope for.

Examples of goals you set for your summit could be:

It’s important to have a clear idea of what you want your summit to accomplish. Success to you might not be success to someone else, so set your own individual goals and be specific with them.

 About Dama 

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As a certified funnel strategist, I help you build a funnel that is uniquely you and helps you change lives with your knowledge, experience, and expert guidance while earning 6-fig online in the process.

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