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022: Creating Transformations Through Summit Presentations with Jessica Rasdall

Your summit presentations might be full of great information and actionable, but do they create transformations?

In this episode featuring Jessica Rasdall, of the Creative Speakers Podcast, we go over just how transformational your presentations can be - both as a host and as a presenter.

We'll cover tips specifically for summit speakers, including how to choose the right speaking topic, how...

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021: Having Happy And Engaged Summit Speakers

Your speakers are a huge part of the success of your virtual summit. As you’ll find after running your first summit, the more engaged your speakers are, the more engaged your attendees will be.

And, taking it a step further, the more engaged attendees are, the more signups you’ll get, the more sales you’ll make, and the bigger impact you’ll make.

With that being said,...

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020: Pitch Your Speakers And Hear "Yes" More Than "No"

Want to hear "yes" more than "no" when pitching speakers? I know I do!

In this episode, we'll cover pitching your speakers in a way that will accomplish that.

We’re going to cover:
- What you should have prepared before pitching
- Why I pitch in 3 rounds and what that looks like
- What to include in your pitch to get a positive response more often than not


Apple | ...

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019: Choosing Speakers That Will Get You (And Them) The Best Results

Have you ever heard someone on a soapbox about how summit's done work? Yeah me too. And hosting a summit or seeing summits hosted with the wrong speaker lineup is a big reason why many people come to that conclusion.

So in this episode, we're going to talk about choosing speakers that will get both you and your speakers' results. And don't worry, it's simple!


Apple | ...

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018: Diverse & Inclusive Summits with Nichole Beiner

An issue I've noticed with online summits is the fact that you can look at a speaker lineup (or a lot of speaker lineups) and everyone tends to look the same. And I'm not here to point fingers - I've been guilty of it myself and actually got called out for it by an attendee who I really appreciate now, even though I didn't at the time.

To lead this conversation, I interviewed Nichole Beiner...

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017: How To Connect With Potential Speakers

Pitching speakers can bring up a lot of uncertainty. Will they say yes? What will they think of me and my summit?

The truth is, pitching is a whole lot easier when you've taken a little time to make connections first.

So in this episode, we'll cover why I recommend making connections before pitching, whether you really have to do it, and a simple strategy for creating those connections.


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016: How To Find Speakers For Your Virtual Summit

You know you want to host a virtual summit. You've chosen your topic, know your goals, and now it's time to choose your speakers.

You might start brainstorming and come up with 10-15 pretty easily. But then you realize that you don't know who else would make a good fit.

This is a really common struggle. It's hard to fill 20+ speaker spots with quality presenters without having to do some...

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Choosing The Format For Your Virtual Summit Presentations

There are a lot of decisions to make when you're hosting an online summit. One decision that seemed to sneak up on me for my first summit was the format of the presentations.

This is something I didn't think about until it came time to give my speakers guidance on how to record their presentations. I quickly realized there were a few decisions to make

  • Should the presentations be live or...
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Free: Virtual Summit Prep Timeline

Learn how much time to set aside for planning and launching your profitable, stress-free online summit and use my calculator to set the due dates for you.