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070: How To Get Speakers To Contribute A Bonus To Your All-Access Pass

In the all-access pass for my most recent summit, I offered over $3000 in speaker bonuses. This is how I've always done it and it has a huge part to play in why the summit strategies I teach have a 3x higher conversion rate than industry standard summits.

The best part is that this strategy benefits not only you, but also your speakers and attendees.

The best part is that this strategy benefits...

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069: The Problem With Requiring Speaker Promotion + How To Do It Right

There is a major problem with how some summits hosts have gone about requiring speakers to promote their event.

In this episode, we'll cover what the big issue is, whether you should require speakers to promote, and how to do it the right way.

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068: How To Encourage Speakers To Share Your Summit

Worried that your speakers won't share your summit? I get it. We rely on our speakers to get our summits out into the world and hit the goals we've been dreaming of. And sometimes, reality can fall a bit short of our expectations.

In this episode, we'll cover 7 ways to encourage your speakers to share about your virtual summit as well as how these tips worked for me in my most recent event.


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067: How To Get Speaker Content On Time (And Make It Easy)

Many summit hosts struggle to get speakers to deliver their content on time. But it doesn't have to be complicated!

In this episode, we'll cover how to get speakers to deliver their information and presentations on time and how to make it easy.

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022: Creating Transformations Through Summit Presentations with Jessica Rasdall

Your summit presentations might be full of great information and actionable, but do they create transformations?

In this episode featuring Jessica Rasdall, of the Creative Speakers Podcast, we go over just how transformational your presentations can be - both as a host and as a presenter.

We'll cover tips specifically for summit speakers, including how to choose the right speaking topic, how...

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021: Having Happy And Engaged Summit Speakers

Your speakers are a huge part of the success of your virtual summit. As you’ll find after running your first summit, the more engaged your speakers are, the more engaged your attendees will be.

And, taking it a step further, the more engaged attendees are, the more signups you’ll get, the more sales you’ll make, and the bigger impact you’ll make.

With that being said,...

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020: Pitch Your Speakers And Hear "Yes" More Than "No"

Want to hear "yes" more than "no" when pitching speakers? I know I do!

In this episode, we'll cover pitching your speakers in a way that will accomplish that.

We’re going to cover:
- What you should have prepared before pitching
- Why I pitch in 3 rounds and what that looks like
- What to include in your pitch to get a positive response more often than not


Apple | ...

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019: Choosing Speakers That Will Get You (And Them) The Best Results

Have you ever heard someone on a soapbox about how summit's done work? Yeah me too. And hosting a summit or seeing summits hosted with the wrong speaker lineup is a big reason why many people come to that conclusion.

So in this episode, we're going to talk about choosing speakers that will get both you and your speakers' results. And don't worry, it's simple!


Apple | ...

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018: Diverse & Inclusive Summits with Nichole Beiner

An issue I've noticed with online summits is the fact that you can look at a speaker lineup (or a lot of speaker lineups) and everyone tends to look the same. And I'm not here to point fingers - I've been guilty of it myself and actually got called out for it by an attendee who I really appreciate now, even though I didn't at the time.

To lead this conversation, I interviewed Nichole Beiner...

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017: How To Connect With Potential Speakers

Pitching speakers can bring up a lot of uncertainty. Will they say yes? What will they think of me and my summit?

The truth is, pitching is a whole lot easier when you've taken a little time to make connections first.

So in this episode, we'll cover why I recommend making connections before pitching, whether you really have to do it, and a simple strategy for creating those connections.


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