Make Your Summit Easy to Consume with Audio Done Right with Lindsay Padilla

guest expert tech Dec 14, 2021

Offering a private podcast feed for your summit is an incredibly powerful way to make your summit easy to consume while increasing its value. Here’s why !

You've probably seen a virtual summit offer MP3 recordings as a part of the all-access pass. The thing is, MP3s aren't easy to keep track of and listen to for most people.

I was talking about this on Instagram stories a while back and Lindsay from HelloAudio chimed in and said, "Not has to be a podcast because it's easier to binge-listen."

And what a lightbulb moment that was!

After talking to her on the podcast this week I'm totally convinced that, if you can swing it, a private podcast feed is the way to go over individual MP3 files.

To teach us more, Lindsay is here to cover:

  • How audio is booming right now
  • Why it's so important for online businesses
  • How it can enhance a virtual summit
  • How to easily create a private podcast feed and make it a valuable part of your event

I’ll let Lindsay take it from here!

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Audio is on the rise

Audio is on the rise and one of the biggest reasons is because you can pop in your earbuds and listen while you’re doing something else. No screen-time or scrolling required.

One of the best things about audio versus mp3 downloads is that audio feeds are organized and can stream continuously. On the other hand, mp3 files have to be downloaded to each device you listen on, searched for on your device, opened each time you want to listen, and it's not easy to skip around or speed up as you're listening.

Audio and Your Virtual Summit

If you use audio with your virtual summit, it creates an opportunity for attendees to listen to the content when they can’t be there live.

Audio can be used in a virtual summit in many ways. For example, you can...

  • Host an audio-only summit.
  • Include an audio feed in the all-access pass VIP package.
  • Offer an audio-only feed as a down-sell after the summit.
  • Include it as an option for all attendees to use during the event.

The opportunities are endless and each creates one more way to be accessible to attendees who might not have been able to participate in the traditional way, even if that is simply due to being busy.

Examples of Summits with Audio Feeds

I have two summit hosts that come to mind who have used audio for their virtual summits.

  1. Jenn Zellers of Virtual Summit Search – Jenn created an audio feed for her summit attendees and received feedback that the only way one attendee was able to participate in the summit was because of the audio feed because of a family member being in the hospital.
  2. Wendy Breakstone of Audio Summits...Made Simple – Wendy created a micro audio-only summit. The idea that neither the hosts nor guests had to be on video made it easier for speaker participation, and the attendees loved the simplicity of listening whenever and wherever they had the opportunity.

These are just two examples of many. If you want to hear more, check out our Success Stories audio feed over at Hello Audio.

Biggest Hesitations for Summit Hosts

The biggest hesitation that summit hosts will have are price, the time it takes to make the feed, and if their attendees will find it useful.

We just covered whether attendees will find it useful, and we know the answer is yes. Also, the price is reasonable. So that leaves the time issue.

How much time will it take?

Once a host has gone through the work to collect summit presentations and upload them to the website, you might wonder how much more time it will take to add another tech piece.

What’s cool about HelloAudio is that we made it easy!

You can drag and drop 30 summit videos into HelloAudio, and we take care of converting them to audio for you.

It doesn't get much easier than that!

We also have all kinds of integrations and automation you can add, such as:

  • Giving someone access once they register for your summit or purchase your all-access pass.
  • Remove access after a specific amount of time, whether that's after the free version of a presentation expires or after several months for all-access pass buyers.
  • Limited access based on levels of membership.
  • Zapier, Thinkific, and MemberVault integration (and we're working on many more!).

We added the features that summit hosts and digital content creators would appreciate.

As of this post, we are working on integrations with Google Drive, Zoom, Loom, and Vimeo.

Lindsay’s Biggest Takeaway

Summit hosts know they have good stuff and just need to get attendees to hear it.

Audio won’t give you 100% consumption, but it’s going to give you more consumption than video.

Head over here to check out Hello Audio and how easy it can be to add an audio feed to your summit, course, or membership!

About Lindsay

Dr. Lindsay Padilla is an ex-community college professor who accidentally started a business while on the tenure track. Now, as the CEO and co-founder of the Hello Audio software, which takes your content and creates private audio feeds to make learning on the go much easier for your people, Lindsay challenges online industry norms of unfinished courses and unconsumed content with her product. All of her business ideas were born out of her tenure-track years teaching adults online at a community college, the ridiculous amount of learning she's done in all things education, and the years spent growing her course creation business online.

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