Increase Summit Signups Through Your Registration Page + Email Sequences with Elli Runkles

Learn how to turn your existing email subscribers into attendees to increase virtual summit signups and which emails to send once someone registers.

 In this episode, we have launch and conversion copywriter Elli Runkles to talk about the most important pieces of copy for your summit's registration process.

We'll cover:

  • what to include on your registration page and mistakes to avoid
  • emails to turn your existing list into summit attendees
  • the sequence that should go out once someone registers for your event

I’ll let Elli take it from here!

Mistakes to Avoid on Your Summit's Registration Page to increase sign ups

The main thing that I advise people to keep in mind and one of the mistakes I see people make is when the host thinks that they’re not necessarily selling, so they don't need to sell.

But even for free things, you still need to sell them. I recommend that you approach a summit registration page very, very similarly to the way you would approach a sales page for a paid product.

At the end of the day, even if someone is not paying money to attend your summit or at least the free portion of your summit, they're still spending time, energy, their email address to come to your summit.

It’s important to make sure that you are putting just as much time and energy into making sure your registration page:

  • sends the right message
  • shows the value of the summit
  • shows people the transformation and results that they're going to get from it

Just because it's free, doesn't mean you don't need those things.

Messaging That Converts for Your Registration Page

Elli Runkles:
With pretty much anything that you are promoting, the modality is not the most important thing. It’s not what people are buying.

People are showing up because they want the result that your summit promises.

Your registration page needs to be clear on:

  • who the ideal virtual summit audience is
  • what they're hoping to get out of it
  • what their pain points are
  • how your summit will be the solution to their problem

A Registration Page That Converts

The first thing people see when they land on your registration page should be the transformation your summit promises.

From there, touch on their pain points and current problem, and how your summit is going to help them. Touch on key takeaways.

Lastly, highlight your speakers. Talk about the topics that'll be covered, while still paying attention to the promise or transformation your summit promises.

A good way to think of it is: Attendees need the “why” and then the “how”.

Increase the Chances of Your Existing Email List Caring About Your Summit

To get eyes on your registration page, you’re going to talk about the benefits, pain points, what they’ll experience, and the results they’ll get from your summit.

Send 3-4 emails to your existing email list. Make them feel like a part of your community – let them know they’re already a part of it by being on your list, and that you want to invite them to your summit. Make them feel like they’re included in the process of what you’re doing. Consider asking for their input as you’re planning the summit.

While you’re not adding to your email list by inviting your current list, you’re nurturing them further.

Focus on these aspects in your emails:

  • the community aspect
  • benefits of the summit
  • benefits of why they should show up
  • what they're going to get out of it
  • highlight some of the speakers

The Purpose of an Email Sequence After Registration

Just because somebody signs up for your summit, doesn't necessarily mean they're going to stop what they're doing, go put it in their calendar and have it ready to go.

Even the most engaged attendees need reminders to show up.

Think of your registration sequence as a way to get attendees excited to show up. Consider adding a sneak peek into a presentation or a quiz to get attendees excited and waiting for more.

Specific Emails That Should Be Part of Your Sequence

Your registration mail sequence should remind people why they signed up in the first place. Remind them of the promise or transformation your summit will give them. Tease the content by highlighting select presentations and key takeaways.

Summit in a Box ® students have a registration email sequence crafted by Elli and Krista included!  

Elli’s Big Takeaway

The biggest takeaway would be to treat your summit as if it were a paid offer.

At the end of the day, you have the paid offer that's going to come in later, and the more care you put into the earlier pieces, the free pieces, the better return on investment you're going to see from the paid pieces once you get to that point.

Even if it's free, people are still making an investment of their time. If you can honor that and show them what they're going to get from that investment of their time, it's going to pay off in so many ways.

About Elli

Elli Runkles is a copywriter + sales strategist who helps ambitious women entrepreneurs build the confidence and bank accounts to match their big vision. She helps her clients from solopreneurs to 7-figure business owners harness the power of written words in order to sell in their businesses in a way that feels good and gets results. Elli is on a mission to empower women business owners to embrace the value they bring to their ideal clients so they can ditch their fear of being salesy and sell with ease + empathy.

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