Managing Live Video For Your Virtual Summit As An Introvert

confidence Jan 07, 2020

Are you an introvert who doesn’t love live video? It’s an important part of hosting a virtual summit, but it’s possible to manage it effectively. Here’s how!We know that live video is an important part of running an engaging summit and warming up a cold audience quickly. However, as an introvert, you might find live video more draining than many hosts out there.

To help, in this episode we'll cover:

  • whether I think live video is necessary for a summit
  • what pieces of live video go into your event
  • how to effectively manage those pieces as an introvert.

Is live video necessary for a virtual summit?

Live video isn’t necessary for a virtual summit, but for the results I promise in Summit in a Box®, the answer is yes. You need to do live video - or just video in general.

Why that is

With a virtual summit, you have a large cold audience coming in from speakers and affiliates. These people have never heard of you before and you'll connect with attendees more effectively with video. I want you to get the best results possible for your summit. That's why I'm saying yes, video is necessary for a summit, but don't worry, I'm going to help you make it painless.

What pieces of video go into a summit

Let's talk about what pieces of video go into a summit. Many of these are optional but doing as many as possible is worth it. You can prioritize these based on what you think makes the biggest impact for you. These videos include some that are live, some that are prerecorded, but both are important.

Videos On Your Website

Let's talk about the pages on your website that I suggest having a video on.

Registration Page

First, is your registration page. This is the first page people are going to come to when one of your speakers or affiliates or one of their friends tells them about this summit. This is a perfect place to have a video where you can really connect with them in that first experience they have with you.

This can be super short. Don't make it any longer than two minutes, but it's such a great way to connect with attendees. It's a great way to hit on what your summit is going to accomplish for them.

Thank You and Upsell Page

The next page is your thank you and upsell page. After attendees register, this is the next page they’ll see. It's a great way to build that connection a little bit more.

This video should do 3 things:

  • Thank attendees for signing up.
  • Let them know what's next.
  • Pitch a special offer of your all-access pass.

Videos In your Facebook Community

The next place that's great to do videos is your Facebook community. This is where you're going to be connecting with your members and they're going to be connecting with you.

Welcome video

The first video to do is a live or prerecorded welcome video. I always do a Facebook live because it's easy. I don't have to worry about editing or uploading. It's already right there on Facebook.

In this video, you should:

  • Welcome attendees to the group.
  • Encourage them to introduce themselves.
  • Get them interacting with you and other members.

Live Mini Trainings

The next one I like to do is live mini trainings before the summit starts. You're going to have 2-3 weeks, depending on how long your promotion period is, where there are attendees in your Facebook group before the summit starts and you want to keep attendees engaged.

For example, one of my Facebook group join questions is, What are you most struggling with related “topic of your summit”? If I see answers come in that I don't have a presentation for, I will do a live 5–10-minute training in the group about that topic. Attendees love it!

Attendees start talking to me. They're asking questions. It's a great way to help them start getting excited before the summit starts. And again, continue connecting with you and other people.

Kickoff and Closing Call

Then, we have the kickoff call and closing call. These are calls that happen before the summit starts and after it's over.

The purpose of these calls is to:

  • Tell attendees what to expect.
  • Tell attendees what happens next.
  • You can pitch your all-access pass.

These are the videos where I can see sales coming in as I'm doing these calls. They're a really great thing to do and a great way to build more connections.

There are some people I see that do calls or live videos in their Facebook community every morning and or every afternoon. I don't do that. That's something that is really draining for me. It's something I would dread every single day, so I don't do that. I don't see a huge benefit in that. That's something else you could do if you want to though.

You don't have to be a part of every presentation

As for presentations, I recommend not making yourself a part of every single presentation. There are people that do interviews for everyone, even if they're introverted or who record an intro for each speaker and add it to the beginning of their video.

I don't do that. That's a little exhausting for me. It takes a lot of time.

Show up live on social media

Next is social media promotion, and this is somewhere I do think that it's important to show up live when you can. I don't think you need to push yourself to do a live video every single day. Balance your energy, do it when you feel up to it.

You could have some promos all planned out in advance. When you feel up to doing a quick video, you can go grab a topic and get started.

Videos for Speaker Pitches

The next place to add video is in your speaker pitches, especially for the ones who don’t know you as well. This is somewhere I haven't included a video as of yet, but I think I will in the future.

It's a great way to connect with potential speakers. If you’re exhausted by all of the video options, this is one you could skip.

How to manage all of this as an introvert

Let's talk about how to effectively manage all of this as an introvert.

  1. Prerecord and batch it. Do as much prerecorded as possible and batch it. The more you can do, the easier it is. It’s fewer days you need to write scripts and record videos.
  2. Where’s your biggest return? Look at the options of where to put live videos and determine what’s necessary and what’s going to get you the biggest return. You can spread them out and outline them in advance.
  3. Don’t be a part of every presentation. One way to effectively manage that video is to not do it or have it as a part of your presentation.
  4. Skip the Facebook Lives. Consider not doing live in your Facebook group every morning and afternoon unless you think it’s something your audience is into and will respond to.
  5. Spread out the Live videos. Have one topic in mind for both Facebook group attendees and Instagram stories or stream to both at once.

Think about how you work best, and plan based on that. Hesitation toward live videos may have less to do with being an introvert than it does with unfamiliarity with doing live videos. The more you do it, the easier it will get.

Prioritize Your Live Videos

Look at your live video options and prioritize what's most important to you so you know where to focus.

Then, schedule a day to outline all the videos and batch as many prerecorded ones as you can.



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