How to Make Your Podcast Work for Your Business with Caroline Hull

Podcast Strategist, Caroline Hull, chats about using your podcast as a business tool that leads people to your offers and promotes your virtual summits.

Last week, I shared a behind-the-scenes of how I use this podcast for my virtual summits, and it got me thinking about how beneficial my podcast has been, both for my summits and my business as a whole. It also helped me realize that I could do better with it from a strategy standpoint.

Since I figured this topic would get the wheels turning for a lot of you who have or want to start a podcast too, I brought podcast strategist Caroline Hull on this week to share how we can make our podcasts work for our businesses in a more strategic way. 

She's going to break down how to...

  • use your podcast as a powerful business tool that consistently leads people to your offers
  • decide whether your podcast needs a revamp
  • use a podcast to promote a virtual summit

Let's dive in!

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[1:47] Many business owners decide to start a podcast as part of their business strategy, but Caroline started her podcast with a co-host, and then later started building products around it. Caroline starts us out by sharing how she fell in love with the technical and strategic side of podcasting behind the scenes, and how that eventually led her to helping other business owners with their podcasts.  

Over the last couple of years, we've seen a huge shift in the podcasting industry where the traditional podcast model of having ads and sponsors is really changing. It's actually changing into alignment with what we've been doing with our clients for years. It's been really fascinating to watch that shift and see that a podcast is so much more than just something I record and slap up every week.

[4:38] Caroline goes on to share two key pieces that might mean your podcast strategy isn't optimized for your business. The first is usually a huge disconnect between your podcast content and your content everywhere else. And, the second is when your listeners don't know what to do next or how to get more involved in your world after listening to your podcast.

[6:23] If you're wondering whether it's time to make a change to your podcast strategy, Caroline recommends thinking first about the goals you have for your business, and asking yourself how your podcast can help with reaching them. Your podcast should be part of your funnels, and part of your strategy for reaching your business goals.

There's value in mapping out a clear path of how your listeners get from point A to point B. I like to think about it like a mountain, with your products and services are at the top of the mountain. There are stops along the way, and we can help people as they're climbing that mountain by lending them a hand after they listen to the episode. It can be something as simple as linking to your website from your episodes, or talking about your services on your episodes. These two simple things can make such a huge difference when we're talking about listeners becoming leads and converting.

[13:16] When it comes to making your podcast strategic so that it helps you grow your business and gets people into your offers, content is king. Your content on the podcast is how you connect with people, and she recommends having solo episodes where people are getting to know you and your offers more, mixed with strategic guest episodes that are aligned with the focus of your business and podcast. 

What is the catalyst that causes your clients to push the buy button, and how can you build episodes around that? When you do this, people hear your episodes, they feel seen and heard, and it shows that you understand where they are in their journey and what they need next. If you can get your content aligned and meeting your listeners where they are, the rest of it will start to fall into place.

[16:16] There's really nothing you need in place in your business before you're ready to dive into your podcast strategy but Caroline recommends thinking about the things we've talked about today and starting with small tweaks. You can start by reviewing your description and show notes and thinking about how you can get more strategic with those pieces and continue from there. 

[18:17] We round out the episode by talking about how you can use your podcast to promote virtual summits and other live events or promotions you have planned throughout the year. A podcast is a great way to promote a summit because they kind of go hand-in-hand. Both are about getting engaged with your people. She shares some ideas on how you can use your podcast and summit together such as a mini-series that releases episodes every day for a week about your summit or just a promo episode all about your summit so people know what it's going to be about. 

Your podcast can be so much more than a hobby. If it only feels like a hobby, think about it strategically and reframe how you approach it. You could be really surprised with the results.


About Caroline

Caroline is a podcasting strategist, manager, and CEO of Wild Home Podcasting, a boutique podcast management agency, and a homeschool mom who helps online business owners create strategic podcasts to help grow their businesses. She discovered her intense love for podcasts after launching her own podcast and in the process, discovering what a powerful tool for growth a podcast can be.

Caroline believes that everyone has a unique perspective and story worth sharing. She has a passion for helping online business owners share their stories and generate leads through their podcasts. She shares podcast strategies and tips each week on the Podcast Your Business: Be Wildly Authentic podcast.Make sure to add "float: left; margin-right: 10px; margin-bottom: 10px;" to the graphic

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Podcast Strategist, Caroline Hull, chats about using your podcast as a business tool that leads people to your offers and promotes your virtual summits.Podcast Strategist, Caroline Hull, chats about using your podcast as a business tool that leads people to your offers and promotes your virtual summits.

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