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Hosting a Virtual Summit on Circle with Moira Cleary

You've probably seen the Circle platform used to host course communities, but have you ever considered using it to host a summit? Here’s how to do it!

If you'd have asked me before this week's podcast episode if Circle was a good platform to host a summit on, I'd have given you a confused-sounding "no".

How in the world would you host a well-organized, strategic event on a community management platform?

Turns's a thing.

My friend and Summit in a Box student, Moira Cleary, experimented with hosting a summit on Circle and...

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Hosting a Virtual Summit on Kajabi

Thinking of hosting a virtual summit on Kajabi? Here’s how it works, how the pieces fit together to make it easy, and the external integrations you’ll need.

There are a lot of moving parts when it comes to hosting a virtual summit, but having all your tech in one place can significantly simplify things. Kajabi is my favorite all-in-one platform so today we'll talk about what it looks like to use it to host your event.

Last week, we talked about hosting a summit on WordPress, but Kajabi is a great option for you if:

  • you're...
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Hosting a Virtual Summit on WordPress

Thinking of hosting a virtual summit on WordPress? Here’s how the pieces fit together, my favorite plugins, and the external integrations you’ll need.

Thinking of hosting a virtual summit on WordPress? It's a great option if you're already familiar with the platform and want a ton of flexibility for a reasonable price.

However, there are a lot of moving pieces so today I hope to lessen the learning curve so you know exactly what you'll need to make your summit on WordPress happen.

We’ll cover:

  • What it looks like to host a...
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The Must-Have Pages for Your Virtual Summit Website

Here are the 5 must-have pages on a virtual summit website, a few pages that are more in the nice to have category, and a couple of bonus website tips.

It's a big task to set up your virtual summit's website. With all the different summit setups you've seen, you might wonder where to start, which pages to focus on first, and what you actually need to host a successful event.

So many tasks that you complete for your summit rely on how the event will run and the messaging you've decided on. For example, without your registration...

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An Overview of the Tech You Need for a Virtual Summit

Wondering what tech you need for a virtual summit? Let’s cover the major pieces you need covered, why you need it, and I'll share my favorite tools for each.

Regardless of whether you're tech-savvy or want to bang your head on your desk just thinking about it software platforms, tech for a virtual summit can be intimidating - there are so many options!

As you've probably realized, a virtual summit requires a lot of different tools. If you’re not familiar with the process, you’ll find yourself running into one thing after another...

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All-Access Pass Tech + Logistics for your Virtual Summit

Here’s what the backend of your virtual summit’s all-access pass setup should look like, what tech goes into that, and I’ll share my recommended tech options.

Your all-access pass is an incredibly important part of hosting a profitable virtual summit. It's your first chance to make a solid offer to those who sign up for your event. However, it is a more technical part of the summit-hosting process.

All-access pass tech can feel like a lot but doesn’t have to be scary. As long as you understand the process, you'll have what you need to put the...

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All-Access Pass Sales Page Tips

You've got an incredible all-access pass offer and now it's time to see sales rolling in. Here are 5 all-access pass sales page tips you can’t afford to miss.

You've created an incredible all-access pass offer for your virtual summit and now it's time to show it off and get those sales rolling in. 

While the industry standard all-access pass conversion rate is about 5%, my students and I see closer to 15%, and what you’re going to hear today are a few of the things that help us do that.

Let's cover my 5 best all-access pass sales...

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Presentation Page Q&A

Have questions about your virtual summit presentation pages? Get answers including everything from tech help to logistics.

After our last episode, you understand the goal behind your presentation pages and what exactly they should include.

We'll take it one step further with a Q&A style chat and cover:

  • how to make presentations available for a limited time
  • if you should add a call-to-action at the beginning of each video
  • whether attendees should have to log in to view presentations

Let's dive in!


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Presentation Page Basics for Your Virtual Summit

Your virtual summit presentation pages seem simple, but there's a strategy that will impact sales and the results that your speakers and attendees see.

As simple as your virtual summit's presentation pages might seem, there's actually a strategy behind them. This strategy will increase your impact and sales, get your attendees better results, and properly showcase your speakers.

We'll cover the goal of your presentation pages, a big mistake to avoid, and what should go on each page.

Presentation page goals

Presentation pages are the...

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Virtual Summit Tech Platforms with Jaime Slutzky

Overwhelmed by all the tech choices available for hosting your summit? Here’s how to choose the best virtual summit tech platform for you.

Stuck trying to figure out which tech platform to use for your virtual summit? We have guest tech expert, Jaime Slutzky here to make it simple!

In this post, Jaime will cover:

  • The biggest virtual summit tech mistake she sees
  • Steps to choose the right platform for you
  • The tech stack she recommends using for a successful virtual summit.

One thing I love about Jaime's approach...

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