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How a Virtual Summit Raised $25k for a Meaningful Cause with Hunter Donia

Many of you out there want to use a summit to not only to grow your business, but to make an impact. Our guest this week shares how he did just that and more!

I know there are so many of you who want to use a summit not only to grow your business but to make an impact. 

A summit on its own, when done well, will naturally have a positive impact on those involved, but sometimes you want to take that impact even further.

I have a beautiful example of how the impact of a summit can expand beyond the event itself on the podcast this week. Hunter...

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So You Think You Should Host a Summit On Your Own?

You know you need Summit In A Box, but you want to try it on your own first. Here's why I want you to reconsider, and not for the reasons you might think!

I’ve thought about doing an episode on this topic many times, but I've always shied away from it because I want to come across as helpful and as someone who delivers a ton of value. I know I have incredible programs, but I never want to go over the top to sell them, and I want you to trust me to have your best interest in mind. 

So I’m guessing you can already see why an...

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How to Make Your Podcast Work for Your Business with Caroline Hull

Podcast Strategist, Caroline Hull, chats about using your podcast as a business tool that leads people to your offers and promotes your virtual summits.

Last week, I shared a behind-the-scenes of how I use this podcast for my virtual summits, and it got me thinking about how beneficial my podcast has been, both for my summits and my business as a whole. It also helped me realize that I could do better with it from a strategy standpoint.

Since I figured this topic would get the wheels turning for a lot of you who have or want to...

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How I Use This Podcast for My Virtual Summits

This week I'm sharing some background on this podcast, 6 ways I use this podcast for my virtual summits, and how you can grow your podcast through your summit.

 I recently realized that I often recommend that people look at their past podcast guests as a starting point for finding summit speakers, and it got me thinking about just how much this podcast has a part to play in my summits!

Today I’m going to give you a little background on this podcast and break down the 6 main ways that I use it for my virtual summits. And as a little bonus,...

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Cold Pitching Summit Speakers without the Ick with Laura Lopuch

Tune in to hear why cold pitches are important, what the most important part is that will make someone say

If you've been around a while, and especially if you're in our programs, you've heard me teach about the importance of connecting with speakers before you pitch to increase the chances that they'll say yes, promote, and turn into long-term friends and collaborators.

As much as I love sending warm pitches, I've also sent cold pitches in every virtual summit I've ever hosted. I think for most...

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How to Grow Your Membership with a Trial + Convert Trials to Paying Members with Mike Morrison

Hear about the power of memberships, 2 keys to make it work, what you need to know about free trials, and 6 strategies to converting trials to paying members.

Lately, we've been working closely with clients lately to launch memberships through their virtual summits. We've seen 50, 200, 300, and even 500 members added through one event by following this incredibly powerful strategy, and I'm excited to share a guest on the podcast with you this week who can go deeper into the membership side of this strategy than I can. 

One strategy I talk with...

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See the Value in Your Selling Experience (when selling through your summit feels gross) with Kaitlyn Kessler

Let's dive into what creates a negative selling mindset, your discomfort with selling, and how to realize the value you provide by selling to your audience.

When you think about selling through your summit, do you instantly start to feel uncomfortable? 

Do you worry that you’re not “allowed” to make an offer throughout or at the end of your summit?

Heck, maybe you’re like me and you’ve literally had people tell you when and where you can sell, and that feedback has you feeling a little uneasy.

If any of...

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How a Virtual Summit Uncovered the Perfect-Fit Audience and Offer with Kimberly Costa

Kimberly Costa shares insights from 3 virtual summits, her initial fears, results, audience insights, and unveils her 3-step digital product creation process!

Many summit hosts go into their first event already knowing exactly who they like to serve and how. But sometimes, a summit helps uncover a new direction that you didn't even know was possible!

In this episode, Kimberly Costa is taking us behind the scenes of 3 successful summits, and sharing how she learned exactly what offer she needed to create and which audience she needed to...

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Host a Bundle to Break Out of the Free-Content Cycle & Skyrocket Momentum with Kate Doster

Bundles are another great strategy to build your list, revenue, momentum, and connections, just like a summit, and the two can go hand-in-hand.

Why in the world would we be talking about hosting BUNDLES on the Summit Host Hangout Podcast?

While we focus on summits around here, we believe in the power of using multiple marketing strategies in combination with summits, and the truth is that bundles are another great strategy to build your list, revenue, momentum, and connections.  Hosting both summits and bundles can go...

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A Look at the Summit to Course Launch Planning Timeline

This week, we'll discuss the summit-to-launch timeline: where there's flexibility, where you shouldn't speed things up, and what to do if you do it anyway!

"How long does it take to plan a virtual summit?"

This is a question I hear all the time and as much as people tend to dislike my answer, I stand by it.

Whether you're hosting a summit as a stand-alone event or adding an offer launch on the backend, it's a time investment that is so worth it.

We’ve been chatting about how to choose which of your offers to launch through your summit...

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