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How to Position Your Virtual Summit For Success

In the last two episodes, we've identified your summit's audience and topic. Now, we'll put those things to use to determine your summit's positioning.

We'll cover how your positioning ties into your audience and topic, positioning mistakes to avoid, how to position your summit, and where that positioning will show up.


Apple | Google | Spotify | ...

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Choose A Profitable Virtual Summit Topic


In this post, we covered how to determine the right audience to create a virtual summit for. Now, it's time to take that audience and craft a profitable summit topic just for them.

Your summit topic is just as important as the audience. For example, if you're a wedding planner, would you rather attend a summit about "growing your business" or "booking out your client schedule for 6...

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Discover Your Ideal Virtual Summit Audience

The audience you host your online event for can make or break your success. Let’s cover how to choose the best virtual summit audience for you.

The correct audience for your virtual summit is one of the largest determining factors of your success.

It sounds simple on the surface, but it's the difference between struggling to get anyone signed up and seeing the registrations just roll in. It also has a big part to play in how excited your speakers will be to promote!

To help, let's break down why your virtual summit audience is so...

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How a Virtual Summit Can Grow Your Business


An online summit can truly transform your business and that's exactly what we'll talk about in this episode. Learn how you can see major growth in terms of your income, email list, expert positioning, connections, and value to your audience.

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Behind The Scenes of My $22k Virtual Summit

You don't need to be a huge influencer to launch a profitable summit and I'm excited to share some proof of that with you today!

In April 2019 I hosted my third virtual summit and brought in $22,000 starting with only 1500 people on my email list. I'm going to break down all the details, including:

  • What my goals were
  • What I've changed since my last summit
  • Highs and lows
  • Lessons learned
  • ...
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How to Host a Virtual Summit

Wondering how to host a virtual summit that converts? Let’s cover the 10 major stages of hosting a profitable and visibility-boosting online event.There are a lot of marketing strategies that we all "need" to be doing consistently. Content creation, social media interaction, webinars, email marketing, challenges...I could go on.

There are two problems with those strategies:

  1. It can take years of consistency to see results
  2. You need an existing audience of a decent size for them to be effective

If you're anything like me, you want a...

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000: Welcome to the Summit Host Hangout Podcast

In the first episode of the Summit Host Hangout podcast, we'll talk about why you'll want to listen, how often new episodes will be released, what you can expect from them, and a little about my background.

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How To Plan An Online Summit Part 3: Set Up Your Website

We’ve reached part 3 in the ‘How to Plan An Online Summit’ series! Part 1 was all about determining your niche, topic, and offer, while Part 2 covered all things summit speakers. If you haven’t had the chance to read those just yet, take a second to review those before moving forward. Trust me, you are going to want to stick to the order of this series! 

When it...

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How To Connect With Potential Collaboration Partners

Collaborations are a great and powerful way to grow your business quickly. You can connect with fellow industry experts and expand your reach online.

They provide your followers and others with social proof since you’re being introduced to your collab partner’s audience by a trusted source. A huge bonus is positioning yourself in front of a new audience without having to spend money...

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Most Impactful Things I Did In My Creative Business To Break Through $50k

“What got you here, won’t get you there.” - James Wedmore

Whether you're making $30k per year or $300k per year, there's always going to be a point when something has to change before you can hit your next income goal. You may be at that point right now. You may be on the brink of it soon. At some point in your time as an entrepreneur, freelancer, whatever - a change will have...

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