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046: The Best Personality Types for Virtual Summits with Brit Kolo

Curious as to whether a summit is the right move for you? In this episode with Brit Kolo, we're chatting about the personality types best fit for hosting a summit.

We'll cover an overview of the personality types, which personality types will have the easiest time hosting a summit, and what to do if you are more cut out for either the planning or hosting stage.


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045: How to Simplify Social Media as an Introvert with Andréa Jones

Does promoting your summit on social media want to make you go into hiding?

If so, you're going to love this episode with Andréa Jones where we talk about how to simplify social media as an introvert.

We'll cover the part being an introvert has to play in your social media strategy, steps to make it simple, and our best tips for promoting a summit on social media.



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044: Managing Live Video For Your Summit As An Introvert

We know that live video is an important part of running an engaging summit and warming up a cold audience quickly. However, as an introvert, you might find live video more draining than many hosts out there.

To help, in this episode we'll cover whether I think live video is absolutely necessary for a summit, what pieces of live video go into your event, and how to effectively manage those...

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How to How A Virtual Summit As An Introvert

This episode kicks off a new series all about hosting a summit as an introvert.

We'll cover what I was seeing from introverts that made me decide to do this series, why I don't think being an introvert is a reason to avoid hosting a summit, and what you can do differently to account for your introverted tendencies.


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Virtual Summits Don't Work? Here's What I Have To Say

Have you heard someone say that online summits don't work? I have and, as you'd probably guess, I have some pretty strong feelings about it and in this episode you'll hear all about them. Word of caution: my soapbox makes an appearance.

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041: Are Virtual Summits On Their Way Out?

Are virtual summits on their way out? Let's chat about it!

In this episode we'll cover why people might say that summits are on their way out, my response to that, the types of summits that *are* indeed on their way out, and how to make sure you host a summit that gets results.


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040: Summit Promotion Q&A

For the last episode in our series on promoting your summit, we'll do a fun Q&A session!

We'll talk about when to start promoting your summit, what promo resources to provide speakers, unique ways to promote, and when to expect the most signups to come in.

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How to Promote a Virtual Summit on Pinterest with Meagan Williamson

Not sure how to promote your virtual summit on Pinterest? You're not alone!

We're used to promoting blog posts, podcast episodes, and other evergreen content on Pinterest, but promoting a virtual summit feels totally different.

I'm no Pinterest expert, so I've brought in Meagan Williamson to break down the amount of time you need to promote a summit on Pinterest, what the strategy should look...

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How to Run Virtual Summit Facebook Ads with Tony Rulli

Facebook ads for your summit don't have to be expensive or complicated, even if you're newer to running ads! However, it can totally seem like a big and intimidating step.

I've spent anywhere from $50 to $2500 on ads in any of my summits, but I can tell you that once you get the hang of it, it's totally worth it.

However, I'm no Facebook ads expert, so I've brought in special guest Tony Rulli...

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3 Best Ways to Promote a Virtual Summit

You've done the work of preparing your online summit and now it's time to promote. 

Especially if you're starting with a smaller audience, this can feel intimidating. You want to deliver for your speakers and hit the big goals you set. Where do you even start?

I'm happy to say that the success of a virtual summit does not rely on the size of your audience. To help, today we'll cover...

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