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Overcoming Self-doubt and Planning Your Summit With Kaitlyn Kessler


Self-doubt isn’t helpful in summit planning, but it’s bound to come up. Here’s how to overcome self-doubt and increase your confidence, starting today!

If self-doubt has you stuck when it comes to planning your online summit, you'll love this interview with Kaitlyn Kessler.

In it we talk about how confidence leads to clarity and super actionable steps you can take to increase your confidence, starting today!

I'll let Kaitlyn take it from here.

How Kaitlyn Helps Clients Overcome Self-Doubt 

If you have heard of me, you probably...

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My Story of Self-Doubt Leading Up To My First Virtual Summit

Self-doubt is inevitable when it comes time to host a virtual summit. Here’s my self-doubt journey and how it compared to the reality of my first event.

Self-doubt tends to make its way to the front of your mind when it comes time to host a virtual summit. And I know this because even though I am here teaching you about virtual summits, I've struggled with the same exact thing.

Today, we are going to cover things like how I struggled with self-doubt before my first summit, how that self-doubt really compared to reality, what moving past...

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How to Make a Virtual Summit Accessible with Erin Perkins

Is your online summit accessible to the deaf community? Probably not, but it's not difficult to change that. Here’s how to make your virtual summit accessible.

Is your online summit accessible to the deaf community? Probably not, but it's not difficult to change that.

We're chatting with Erin Perkins to talk about what her experience with summits has been like as a deaf business owner, what you can do to make your summit accessible, and what to do if you don't think you have anyone deaf in your audience.

We'll let Erin take it from here!


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How to Create Transformational Summit Presentations with Jessica Rasdall

Your virtual summit presentations are full of great information, but do they create transformations? Here’s how to create transformational summit presentations.

Your summit presentations might be full of great information and actionable, but do they create transformations?

In this episode with Jessica Rasdall, we go over just how transformational your presentations can be - both as a host and as a presenter.

We'll cover tips specifically for summit speakers, including:

  • how to choose the right speaking topic.
  • how to make sure your business benefits.
  • ...
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Having Happy And Engaged Summit Speakers

The more engaged your speakers are the better results you’ll see. Here’s how to have happy and engaged virtual summit speakers.

Your speakers are a huge part of the success of your virtual summit. As you’ll find after running your first summit, having engaged virtual summit speakers means having engaged attendees.

And, taking it a step further, the more engaged attendees are, the more signups you’ll get, the more sales you’ll make, and the bigger impact you’ll make.

With that being said, if you...

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How to Pitch Virtual Summit Speakers And Hear "Yes" More Than "No"

Let's talk about what to prepare before you pitch virtual summit speakers and what to include in your pitch to get a positive response!

Want to hear "yes" more than "no" when pitching virtual summit speakers? I know I do!

Pitching can be tricky and it's intimidating to sit and wonder what kind of response you'll get.

Today, we'll make sure you get a whole lot of positive responses by covering:

  • What you should have prepared before pitching
  • Why I pitch in 3 rounds and what that looks like
  • What to include in your pitch to get a...
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Choosing Speakers That Will Get You (And Them) The Best Results

Not every speaker is a good fit. Here are the keys to choosing speakers for your virtual summit who will provide value and bring extra attendees themselves.

Have you ever heard someone on a soapbox about how virtual summits don't work? Yeah me too.

And hosting a summit with the wrong speaker lineup is a big reason why many people come to that conclusion.

Let's talk about choosing speakers that will get both you and them results. And don't worry, it's simple!

Choosing the right virtual summit speakers 

It's tempting to pitch whoever...

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How to Host a Diverse & Inclusive Virtual Summit with Nichole Beiner

Virtual events have the power to break down barriers. But not if people are left out. Here’s how to host a diverse and inclusive virtual summit.

An issue I've noticed with many virtual summits is the fact that you can look at a speaker lineup and everyone tends to look the same.

I'm not here to point fingers - I've been guilty of it myself and actually got called out for it by an attendee who I really appreciate now, even though I didn't at the time.

To lead this conversation, I interviewed Nichole Beiner to talk about how we can work...

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How To Connect With Potential Speakers

Pitching virtual summit speakers is much easier when you've made a connection first. Let’s cover a simple strategy to help you connect with potential speakers.

Pitching speakers can bring up a lot of uncertainty. Will they say yes? What will they think of me and my event?

The truth is, pitching is a whole lot easier when you've taken a little time to connect with potential speakers first.

Today, we'll cover why I recommend making connections before pitching, whether you really have to do it, and a simple strategy for creating those connections....

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5 Ways to Find Virtual Summit Speakers

Wondering how to find virtual summit speakers? Here are 5 ways to find the perfect speakers for your next online event.

You know you want to host a virtual summit. You've chosen your topic, know your goals, and now it's time to choose your speakers.

You might start brainstorming and come up with 10-15 pretty easily. But then you realize that you don't know who else would make a good fit.

This is a common struggle. It's hard to fill 20+ speaker spots with quality and diverse presenters without having to do some...

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